By Jheremy Raapack

You want a exclusive art commissioned,  sketch or fine art?I typically take about 4- 6 pieces a year, and usually favor towards things I enjoy drawing.
Here’s the info about COMMISSION INFO,
Private use commission rates are below. 

The artist retains all rights to private commissions.

Board dimensions 11x17

  • $210 pencil/inks only 11×17 Only head and Torso.
  • $560 pencil/inks 11×17 two  characters w/background and  $ 120 for extra characters .

Shipping: Extra U$40 (regular mail, no guarantees about delay on deliver or damages) or FedEx if you have an account.

From the costumer:

  • The arts will be produced for private collectors only, thus reproductions of any kind shall have a previous authorization by the artist;
  • Handing and shipping will be charged apart of the commission price, and might vary case by case;

From the Artist :

  • The artist shall have the right to refuse any kind of order if the content conflicts with his moral or artistical principles;
  • The delivery time may vary due to the artist schedule which should be respected and priorized;
  • The artist have the right to reproduce the art as long it doesn’t conflict any copyright;                           
  • The artist shall have the right to change the prices of the commissions at any time, as long it keeps the same price it was accorded on the request.


General Information